Shoplifter Sentenced To 300 Hours Community Service In Irish Water Call Centre


A CORK man who was caught stealing a Mac laptop from a city centre electrical store last November was sentenced to 300 hours community service in Irish Water’s main call centre to work as a customer service agent.

Nigel Moore, with an address in Bishopstown Court, admitted to the shoplifting offense through solicitor Thomas Keane and associates after CCTV footage showed him clearly picking up the laptop and putting it under his jacket before attempting to leave the store.

The court heard that the 18-year-old had already 167 previous convictions for burglary and theft, spurned on by a troubled youth tainted by drug and alcohol addiction.

Confidently taking the stand, a smirking Mr. Moore half-heartedly pleaded with Judge Terrence White to show leniency as he had signed up to a rehab program in the city again, for the seventh time in two years.

However, in a landmark decision, Judge White ignored his request and sentenced the youth to the most extreme punishment available to him – 300 hours in one of the country’s toughest call centres, Irish Water.

Loud sobs echoed around the court from the man’s family as the colour drained from the self-confessed addicts face.

Lunging to his knees at the Judges box, the now tearful defendant begged for mercy, asking: “Please Judge, no. Don’t make me go there. Don’t make me do this. I’ll be better in future, I promise. Send me to Portloais, the Joy, anywhere, but not there!”

Horrified criminal peers looked on as the defiant Judge nodded his head to the gesture, adding: “Just count your blessings I didn’t send you to their billing department”.

Nigel Moore will begin his sentence tomorrow. May God have mercy on his soul.