Judge To Spend The Day Asking Rory McIlroy For Putting Tips


GOLF’S World number one Rory McIlroy is expected to take the stand today in his High Court battle with his former management company Horizon Sports Management.

The case before the Courts is expected to lay bare the nature of McIlroy’s dealings with Horizon and represents an unwanted distraction from McIlroy’s pursuit of further golfing success.

However, Judge Patrick Gowan spent much of the early morning explaining to McIlroy and his legal team how, regardless of what adjustments he makes, his putts always veer off to the left for some reason.

“Do you reckon it’s my grip?” Judge McGovern asked McIlroy as the golfer took to the stand, “I know you’ll probably say it’s my stance, but honestly I got a few lessons and the stance is not the problem”.

McIlroy answered the judge politely, pointing out he couldn’t possibly give tips as he hadn’t seen the judge putt before and that if possible he would like to get his evidence out of the way.

“Oh, that’s alright, I have my putter with me,” Judge Gowan said in response as the courtroom galleries muttered among themselves with a mix of intrigue and confusion.

“Did ya see it? I did it there, just there after striking the ball. It fecked off to the left,” Judge McGovern added shortly after descending from his seat with his putter in hand.

McIlroy was urged to be honest with his testimony and to resist any impulse to lie when responding.

“I’d say it’s a grip issue if I’m honest,” McIlroy offered as Horizon’s legal team tried to interject before being hushed by the judge.

Judge Gowan insisted he be given time to consider McIlroy’s evidence and asked the case to be resumed later this afternoon, giving him enough time to practice out in Portmarnock.