Man With Reindeer Nose Still On His Car Just Taking The Piss At This Stage


ROAD users in the Dublin area have come to the conclusion that the owner of a Toyota Yaris spotted driving through town with a novelty Reindeer nose on the license plate must just be taking the absolute piss at this stage.

Chris Hanlon, 27, had put the red nose on his car three weeks before Christmas, as part of a set which also included a pair of antlers which clipped onto the rear doors.

Despite removing the antlers after Christmas in a prompt and orderly fashion, Hanlon failed to remove the red nose, leading many of his neighbours to believe that he simply forgot about it.

However, as the days turned into weeks with no sign of vehicular rhinoplasty, most people have accepted that Hanlon has no intention of removing the decoration, in a bizarre act of motorway trolling that has confused and aggravated his fellow road users.

“There is no fucking way he doesn’t see that nose on his car,” said one motorist, who pulled up at traffic lights across from Hanlon early this morning.

“What, does he reverse into every parking space and walk away without ever looking at the front of his car? Bullshit. So if he knows it’s there, why not just cut the thing off? It’s only held by a string. This guy is just seeking attention, is what this is. He’s just trying to annoy everyone else. Well, it’s not working, you hear me?”

Hanlon is just one of thousands of road users who have yet to de-decorate their vehicles, with many cars still adorned with one or more antler and noses. The Gardaí have warned that people with Christmas decorations on their vehicles have until the 1st of February to remove them or risk having penalty points imposed for being a sap.