Agony For Grown Man As Nobody At Work Wants To Talk About Royal Rumble


A DUBLIN accountant will face an agonising day at work today, after none of his co-workers have expressed an interest in talking about last nights “Royal Rumble” wrestling event.

Stephen Marks, 33, stayed up until 1 AM last night to watch the much-anticipated annual wrestling extravaganza, despite being fully aware that he was a grown man who had to work the next day.

Aghast that the storylines set forth by the creative team at WWE didn’t live up to his expectations, Marks stayed up until 6 this morning posting angrily on internet wrestling forums, before heading to work to discuss the show some more.

However, the brother of two was distressed to find that of the 16 other adults working at McMillan & Farrelly Accountants, none of them had any heed in talking about the consequences of the 30 men over-the-top-rope battle royal, let alone the Triple Threat Championship match that preceded it.

“Last night’s event has serious consequences for Wrestlemania, and it’s like I’m the only one around here who gives a shit” said Marks, who woke his wife last night after screaming in despair when fan favourite Daniel Bryan was eliminated like a mid-card jobber after just 10 minutes in the ring.

“It’s almost as if my co-workers think wrestling is just for kids and mentals, and they refuse to be join me in talking about it. If they just listened to me for five minutes, they’d see how crazy it is to have Roman Reigns heading for a headline collision with Brock Lesnar in 8 weeks time. It’s madness!”.

Admitting defeat in the matter, Marks will spend the day trawling wrestling forums on his smartphone, while putting up with his co-workers talk about whatever bullshit they watched at the weekend.