Man In Middle Of Argument Realising He’s Wrong Figures It’s Too Late To Stop Now


man arguing

WATERFORD MAN Ronan Neely has made the brave decision to carry on insisting he is right as he argues with long-time friend Gary Judge. This decision was made shortly after Ronan realised several of the key points he was making were in fact wrong.

After several days of drinking on a trip away in Galway with the lads Ronan and Gary began an intense, petty and rather pointless argument about the respective merits of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Ah Gary thinks the sun shines outta Ronaldo’s hole so he does,” Ronan revealed to WWN as he lay in bed in a Galway city hostel, severely hungover.

“I was just pointing out that Messi is fucking class and then Gary came in with a ‘but he disappeared in the World Cup final’. I wasn’t having it, I’m telling ya I wasn’t having any of it,” Ronan added.

Loud and almost unintelligible arguments filled the hostel dorm that Gary and Ronan shared with several friends from as early as 10am this morning, with the two men only taking breaks from arguing to go to the toilet.

Ronan admitted to WWN that despite the fact the argument was still ongoing, he was fully aware he was wrong.

“Ah, he had me on a few things, in fairness, I do most of my best arguing in my head. I actually sound deadly and make really great points when I’m just playing out the whole thing in my mind,” Ronan revealed.

“But when I took a piss break I realised almost all the facts I quoted were wrong, but I figured we’re an hour into this thing I can’t lose face now,” Ronan added.

It is believed Ronan will utilise the much favoured ‘he who shouts loudest for the longest wins’ method in an attempt to shield himself for the false claims he made earlier in his argument.