Taoiseach Keeps Slipping Into Parallel Universe That Actually Likes Him


SOURCES close to the office of the Taoiseach revealed today that Mr. Kenny regularly visits a previously unknown parallel universe where everyone likes and admires him, and he can sometimes confuse the two worlds, even though they are poles apart.

The comments came after the Fine Gael leader made remarks yesterday, claiming workers thought they were being overpaid when they got their first pay packet of the year, thanks to the Budget’s tax measures.

“Mr. Kenny sometimes finds it difficult when transitioning between the two worlds,” explained a close aide and confidant. “He sometimes walks into the office jesting with staff as if they’re his best friends. We found that not humouring him with conversation or any sort of praise helps him settle back into normal, everyday life on planet earth.”

Following yesterday’s mix-up between make-believe and reality, Mr. Kenny’s office adjusted his anecdote in which he claimed members of the public rang him to thank him for his part in helping people gain that bit extra money in their pay packets, claiming the comments had simply been ‘a turn of phrase’.

“Yeah, about that. Mr. Kenny was, how do we put this, not fully engaged in his surroundings when making those comments,” said the spokesperson. “We expect the Taoiseach to be fully functional again by tomorrow, after some rest.”

However, Insiders have claimed that the government leader has become quite attached to the new world where everyone likes him, and that it may be interfering with his position in power.

“One time we found him talking to his phone, which he calls ‘Ziggy’,” said the source. “He’s a big fan of the 1990’s sci-fi show Quantum Leap, so we are guessing it’s just a phase. Although, he has been making a lot more references to his imaginary friend, Al.

“Hopefully a good night’s sleep will sort him out,” he concluded.