New Hipster Cafe To Serve ‘Fart In A Jar’


hipster cafe

AS part of the continuing evolution of the human race, a group of hipsters have opened the world’s first ‘fart cafe’ here in Ireland.

Entrepreneurs and self-confessed imaginators Johnny Jones and Sophie Tallant opened ‘Fart in a Jar’ in hipster Mecca Dublin last week and queues have been out the door ever since.

“This city needed something different, food is so passé these days, farts in a jar are just that bit more nourishing for the soul. It speaks to our curiosity as a species,” explained Jones as he served customers in the South Richmond Street cafe.

The cafe itself is wall to wall jars, marked with the name of the person who created the fart, along with a ‘smelling guide’.

“Some of the jars are more suited to deep inhalations, and others are just suited to a momentary sniff,” explained Tallant, “they’re marked on a scale of 1 to 10, with the higher numbers for those with a broader sniffing palate.”

While the cafe is still in its infancy, its volume of vintage jars are small in number.

“It’s a new concept in the world, but we know they have been collectors out there who have some older jars and we’d welcome them to get in touch,” Jones said.

The owners went on to deny claims made by some that suggested they had just opened the cafe ‘to fuck with people’.

The cafe is close to running out of its initial stock and has reordered more farts in a jar from its suppliers and both Jones and Tallant know how they will toast their new found success.

“We have a vintage 1964 Audrey Hepburn jar out back, and we’d been waiting for a special occasion to crack her open,” explained Jones.

“I’m a bit apprehensive as they say ‘never meet your heroes’ but we hope it’s not true of their farts,” added Tallant.