Mrs. Brown’s Boys Snubbed As This Year’s Oscar Nominations Are Announced


THE Irish filmmaking fraternity has roundly criticised this year’s Oscar nominations as Academy voters left out Mrs. Brown’s Boys.

A resounding success at the Irish and UK cinemas, the wildly popular show made waves amongst fans and critics alike when it hit the big screen.

The movie weaved a complex story through several different time periods, relying elsewhere on a cinematic verité approach to the narrative.

It was thought the film’s comparison to the 1944 classic Rome Open City would endear it to the voters, but the film even failed in its attempts to receive a nomination in the Best Foreign Film category.

The film’s star and creator Brendan O’Carroll admitted the film’s experimental nature probably didn’t help its award season cause.

“47 separate jokes in a single minute reminding the audience someone was gay was probably just too much, it was close to being over-stuffed, as my gay neighbour Pablo is fond of saying ha-ha,” O’Carroll said.

The lack of nominations comes even before the official announcement has been made and has shocked some of the movie’s most loyal fans.

Meanwhile, with the Oscar ceremony just weeks away potential nominees have already begun practising their ‘I can’t believe I won’ faces.