Man Forced To Dance For His Life After Becoming Trapped In Circle At Wedding


A LEITRIM man has opened up about the harrowing experience he faced after becoming trapped in a circle of clapping people on the dance-floor at a recent wedding.

Neil Scanlan had been enjoying his time at the afters of the wedding of some lad he used to work with when the incident occurred, leaving the Kiltyclogher native with significant mental scarring.

As the band at the reception worked their way through a medley of popular disco tunes, Scanlan hit the dance floor with the intention of catching the eye of the only single bridesmaid in the place.

However Scanlan’s moves attracted too much attention from the crowd, and the semi-scuttered 34 year old found himself alone in the middle of a clapping circle as the band began to play Billie Jean.

“I tried to leave the circle, but they jeered and pushed me back into the middle” sobbed Scanlan, recounting the dreadful details exclusively to WWN.

“I did my best to do some Michael Jackson moves to appease them, but I’m not a great dancer at the best of times. I tried to pull some other people into the circle, but no-one would budge. I had no choice… but to keep grabbing my crotch and yelling Shamone”.

Tension mounted for Scanlan as anticipation for a moonwalk grew among the now-rabid crowd of cousins and old people that the bride’s parents knew.

“I felt in genuine peril, like if I tried to leave, then my life would be in danger” gushed Scanlan, who hasn’t left his house since the mid-December wedding.

“What made it worse was the band drew attention to me, and called out for me to moonwalk… I’m from Leitrim, how the fuck am I supposed to know how to moonwalk? In the end, I attempted it the move and fell on my arse, which drew enough of a laugh for the band to finish the song and for everyone to go back to dancing as normal, leaving me sobbing in the foetal position on the floor”.

Every year in Ireland, thousands of people at weddings find themselves in a forced dance situation. If you have been affected by the issues discussed in this article, please contact the counselling service at