Red Rock Watched By 6 Million People, Confirm TV3



FOLLOWING an intensive advertising campaign, which reportedly cost TV3 close to €4.3 billion and started as far back as 1991, super soap Red Rock finally hit our screens last night.

TV3’s newly set up a department of ‘propaganda relations’ has confirmed to WWN that the soap was watched by 6 million people.

“We went with a controversial advertising campaign, but we think it’s paid off,” said TV3 propaganda relations spokesperson Elaine Fitzsimons, “the plan was to shove as much Red Rock advertising down people’s throats they choked on it.”

Earlier this week reports confirmed that several members of the public were exposed to excessive levels of Red Rock advertising, meaning their brains were reduced to soupy goo as they walked around aimlessly repeating ‘Red Rock’ over and over again.

“While these incidents are regrettable, Red Rock was watched by 6 million people and was compared by some people on the internet to Breaking Bad… that’ll be going on the DVD cover for sure,” confirmed Fitzsimons, “one person in Australia even tried torrenting it online which is a proud first for us here at TV3”.

TV3 also confirmed the fact that RTÉ rang them up as soon as the first episode finished with a message of complete and utter surrender.

Red Rock tells the story of actors playing the parts of people with lines provided by writers who have written them with the filming of a TV soap in mind.