LOL! 6 Pets Who ‘Can’t Even’ Right Now


THAT’S right, WWN is back with yet another exhaustive list of pets that, due to a variety of factors, have lost the ability to ‘even’. We’re as proud as ever to bring you our 4,356th pet-related list this week.

First rule of animals who can’t even club is to can’t even yourself and that’s certainly the case with Godzilla over here. I’m all can’t evened out from lolling at big G here. Maybe somebody’s owner forgot to feed him this morning, either way I wouldn’t want to be a heavily built up American city today!


OMG you can’t spell ‘can’t even’ without ‘dog relaxes against hut seemingly relaxed while actually experiencing acute psychological trauma. It’s like he’s HUMAN…only he’s not he’s a dog!

This adorable pup is all out of evens which is a real shame because as adorable as this little guy is, his owner likes his pets sunny side up with a healthy side of ‘doing just fine’. LMAO, where is one of those emojis that perfectly encapsulates what you’re thinking when you need it?

Do you ever have a Monday where you are just like ‘I think I’m going to wear my cat as a beard’? Obviously you do but this little cat had gone a little too hard on the milk last night so he is not in the ‘even’ mood today, oh no, in fact one could say he ‘can’t even’. Yeah, we wish he was our cat boyfriend too. Ha ha!

Can’t even? How about ‘bitch I’ll cut you if you think about trying to make me cope’ lol. It’s funny because we don’t have to think about all the time it took to calm this horse down just so we could consume this adorable spider-horse. Cruelty to animals? Nonsense it would be cruel to deprive the world of this image!

He’s all like ‘ahh’ and you’re all like ‘oh no’ and his owner is all like ‘I don’t have pet insurance’ and the whale is all like ‘nom nom nom’ and David Attenborough is all like ‘circle of life’ and are all like ‘sadface’. We can’t even with all this can’t even in one picture.