Waterford Grandmother Finally Coming Around To The Idea Of Non-White Neighbours



WHAT is being hailed as a triumph for integration in Ireland, Waterford grandmother Noleen O’Brien doesn’t even notice that her neighbours aren’t caucasian anymore.

If the latest reports from Dungarvan are to be believed Noleen (89), has pretty much accepted the presence of her neighbours, believed to be from ‘not Ireland’ originally.

Previously Noleen had struggled to see past racial prejudice and the deep chasm of circumstance that stood between her and her neighbours, often referring to them as ‘oh, them lot next door?’

Suspicion has now been replaced by acceptance and quite possibly even an empathy, which underlines the 89-year-old’s ability to understand that sure aren’t we all human at the end of the day.

In what is the clearest sign yet that Noleen’s harsh characterisation of her neighbours is on the wane, Gardaí have confirmed to WWN that the widow no longer rings them when her neighbours leave and enter their home. However, Noleen has yet to retract her statement from 2002 in which she stated she believed ‘that gang next door will be 9-11-ing in no time I’m telling ya’.

When contacted by WWN Noleen’s neighbours Jose and Arabella Juarez said they were too busy to be interviewed as they were in the middle of trying to sell their Spanish restaurant which they opened in Waterford in 1975.

Noleen’s family have rejected suggestions that her softening toward Jose and Arabella came as a direct result of the grandmother’s panic at seeing ‘the Nigerians’, originally from Senegal, moving in across the road.