Panic As Child Makes Last Minute Change To Santa List After Presents Purchased



FATHER-of-two Eamon Tulley found himself caught up in a ferocious panic this morning as his eldest son, 7-year-old James, made a last minute amendment to his Santa list despite repeatedly asking for sets of Marvel LEGO Superheroes in recent months.

“Eh, well, eh,” Eamon spluttered as the realisation that it was too bloody late for James to be changing his request as the presents were purchased on a recent trip to America and now stored in the attic.

Eamon, previously inexperienced in the field of last minute changes to Santa lists, immediately retreated to the safety of his bedroom when James asked for the sold out electronic Zoomer dinosaur robot instead, locking the door behind him.

Advertisements for the new Zoomer robots began appearing on TV yesterday, despite the 15th of December being universally recognised as an awful stupid time to start trying to convince children they want a certain toy.

With his back, propping up the door, Eamon kept his eldest son at bay as the 7-year-old pounded his fists very lightly on the door while stating “Daddy, did you hear me? Can we tell Santa I actually want the Zoomer?”

Eamon began hyperventilating as he pictured his son’s confused face on Christmas morning. Fumbling for his phone, Eamon rang his wife Janet at work to discuss the oft mooted Santa List Fuck-Up Protocol.

“Jesus Eamon, can ya not just tell the child that Santa took his first letter and that he can’t change it?” Janet asked.

Now sweating profusely due to panic, Eamon cracked open the bedroom door mere inches to relay the news to his son before slamming it shut again, making sure he never made eye contact.

“But, if Santa is always watching, he will know I’ve changed my mind, won’t he Daddy?” James asked before adding: “maybe if I just start shouting he’ll hear I want to change it. Zoomer robot please! Zoomer robot please! Zoomer robot please Santa!”

Eamon, now rocking back and forth, pleaded with his wife to take the day off as the father-of-two confirmed he ‘can’t do this on my own’.

Janet, calm up to this point, felt the significance of her son’s change of mind for the first time and told Eamon she would take the family car and ram it through the windows of the nearby Smyths Toys Superstore in an attempt to find the now sold out Zoomer dinosaur robot.