Waterford Man Was Not ‘Active’ On Messenger Two Minutes Ago Despite Facebook Claims


A COUNTY Waterford man has denied being on Facebook messenger two minutes ago, despite the social network stating the contrary.

Michael Dunne, of 39 Beech Crescent, told WWN that he hasn’t even looked at his phone in the last two hours, as he was busy shopping for the Christmas.

“The lack rang, giving out ’cause I wasn’t replying to her messages,” explained Dunne, who was still visibly shaken from the incident. “She started saying I was ignoring her when I wasn’t even on the fuckin’ thing. She wasn’t havin’ it then when I said I wasn’t. Some fucking dose boi!”

Mr. Dunne’s girlfriend refused to believe him and temporarily suspended their relationship pending further investigation.

“Swear ta fuck – I’m deleting that fucking messenger yoke when I get home,” added the 41-year-old.

Facebook’s ‘active’ feature can only be found on the social networks, mobile phone application, and has been the bane of hundreds and thousands of relationships worldwide.

It is estimated that over 2 million people have uncoupled over ‘active disagreements’ since its release earlier this year.

Facebook has since refused to comment on the features accuracy, forcing many to believe it may yet turn out to be another ‘social experiment’ designed to mess with peoples’ heads.

Along with the feature, Facebook messenger also allows the company to text and make calls from your phone, as well as listening in to your calls and editing your texts when they wish.