Ireland Turning Into Modern Society That Sees Politicians Exploit Gay Community For Votes


enda kenny pantibar

What is being hailed as a first in Ireland, a sitting Taoiseach has visited a gay bar in his official capacity as leader of the country and his Fine Gael party.

Many believe this represents a gargantuan step forward for ‘official Ireland’ in its attitudes to and relationships with the gay community.

However, several politically astute members within the community have pointed out that politicians have finally copped on to the fact that gay people vote too.

The Taoiseach arrived in popular Dublin bar Pantibar and immediately denied claims he mistakenly walked onto the premises thinking it was a lingerie shop as he desperately searched for a Christmas present for his wife.

“I’m not even mad,” explained regular at Pantibar Donal Heard, “if they want to cynically exploit us for political gain, that’s fine by me if it ends up with equality for all.”

“It’s fantastic to be here,” the Taoiseach is believed to have said, “I know many people like these young men and women here, in fact, some of my best friends are voters”.

The Taoiseach attended the bar alongside members of Fine Gael LGBT but it is not thought he took to stage to sing ‘I’m every woman’ despite earlier reports.

Political commentators were effusive with praise for what could certainly be viewed a momentous and symbolic gesture by the Taoiseach.

“I think this takes Irish politics into the 21st century,” explained TCD politics lecturer Joanne Riley, “our politicians were way behind in terms of trying to exploit the hopes, desires and interests of the gay community and then turning them into votes.”

In contrast to the praise the Taoiseach received for visiting the bar, a number of people addicted to discussing Irish Water are believed to have mentioned water charges upon hearing of his appearance.

There was also some criticism from your elderly spinster aunt Noreen who disapproved entirely, despite the clearly unresolved and conflicted feelings she has for her ‘friend’ Josephine.