Taxi Driver Waits 30 Seconds Into Journey Before Mentioning Something Offensive



DUBLIN taxi driver Liam Neeley is believed to have waited as much as 30 seconds before deciding to drop something grossly offensive into the conversation, WWN can exclusively reveal.

While Neeley has been praised for holding out for such a long time before choosing a particularly harmless observation to turn into something that turns a passenger’s stomach.

“I wouldn’t normally have much time for taxi drivers, but I have to say yer man was kind enough to wait until we rejoined the traffic again before hitting me with some catch-all ‘I’m not racist but’ drivel,” passenger Eoin Fennelly revealed.

It is thought taxi drivers around the country are waiting longer and longer into passenger journeys to dispense well rounded and researched opinions on many divisive and diverse issues.

“Thanks to sensitive types we’ve had to hold off on blaming everything on the Nigerians until the passenger has their seat belt on and I can lock them in with the child locks. Before that I used to tell them straight away and they’d just leave the taxi immediately… It was killing business,” revealed driver Neeley.

Neeley’s previous record was 24 seconds, occurring last week when he asked a female passenger when she was planning on losing all that weight.

“Ha, no he didn’t comment on my weight,” offered Fenelly, “he did however tell me that all teachers like myself deserve a good hanging for the moaning we do about pay and that all we’re good for is reading from books when we’re not drinking on the job or trying to convert children to Islam”.

“Ah people these days don’t appreciate an inquisitive mind like mine,” Neeley explained.

While Neeley confirmed his intention to continue waiting 30 seconds into journeys before sharing his opinion about single mothers, the gays, anyone not white looking and thieving rapist murdering paedophile politicians, he failed to confirm which weather was best for business.

“Sure, when it’s raining, there’s no fares to pick up, same as when its snowing or sunny, or a bit windy and don’t get me started on the fog,” he continued rambling.