Katie Taylor World Title Defence Overshadowed By Model Knitting In Jungle Today


A RELATIVELY unknown model took centre stage today on a wide range of media platforms after stitching several rows of wool together while locked in an Australian TV jungle set.

Nadia Forde, best known for her scantily clad appearances at business photocalls, shocked viewers both here and in the UK with her incredible knitting skills.

“She’s obviously some kind of creative genius,” said one twitter user. “A true inspiration for any young Irish woman”.

To top it off, the brunette then fashioned herself a bikini from the bark of a tree and proceeded to prance around the camp modelling her creation.

“Is there nothing this girl can’t do?” asked another person online via the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ Facebook page, “Ireland should be proud”.

Meanwhile, Irish, world boxing champion Katie Taylor recorded a unanimous points victory in her opening fight in the Women’s World Championship in Korea earlier, as she aims for her fifth World title – an achievement now over-shadowed by blue wool and wooden underwear.

Despite the lack of television coverage and little support from the media, the Irish Olympic hero overcame Dominican Valerian Spicer in a spectacular fight in the city of Jeju.