“God Obviously Wants To Keep His Messenger On Earth For Another Few Years” – Bono


U2 FRONTMAN Bono cheated death yesterday afternoon when a door fell off an aeroplane that was carrying him and four friends to Berlin.

The aircraft’s entire tailgate section had also completely detached, with luggage falling 8,000 feet into the German countryside.

“God obviously wants to keep his messenger on earth for another few years,” said Bono, shortly after arriving safely in Berlin airport. “I’m not saying he didn’t love Jesus or anything, but since he had him killed, but is keeping me alive, I think that proves I’m his favourite”.

An airport spokesman told WWN that the passengers “must have been blessed” after the 80-centimetre by 100-centimetre rear hatch landed in the vicinity of Schoenefeld airport, on Berlin’s southeastern edge.

“It was most definitely divine intervention,” said spokesman Ralf Kunkel. “Mr. Bono’s work here isn’t done yet and that’s why all these people are alive today”.

The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents has begun an investigation into the cause of the incident.