‘Please Not Another Bandaid Single’ Drive Raises Billions For Charity


bandaid bob geldof
BOB GELDOF has been praised by a multitude of charities for an ingenious ploy which has seen billions raised for worthy causes around the world.

The public, faced with the prospect of yet another version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ reacted positively to a charity drive which asked for donations in an effort to bring an end to the continued suffering of music lovers.

An account on charity site mycharity. I claimed that if enough money was raised to help those in need the world would never have to listen another Bandaid single.

“I think the thoughts of Ed Sheeran and One Direction earnestly singing the 476th version of the song really hit home with people, and they wanted to stop that kind of suffering immediately,” shared charity expert Damien Hibbert, “the ‘please not another Bandaid single’ donations flooded in”.

A public motivated by the fact that if they raised enough money they would never have to listen to the song again managed to raise 7.4 billion pounds in under 12 hours.

“We’re delighted and obviously are threat to rerelease the single for a 476th time really hit home with people, they took it seriously,” Geldof admitted.

A small portion of the 7.4 billion pounds raised will to putting down One Direction with another portion going on a crack team of writers who will write a brand new song that good causes can be attached to.

“I’ve been trying for 30 years to write a new one, but I just can’t get past the original,” a frustrated Geldof noted.