Revenue To Continue Not Taxing The Church Or Any Other Multi Billion Euro Corporation


REVENUE is not planning to clamp down on tax exemptions for the church or any other large corporation any time soon, it has been revealed today.

Instead, a new Finance Bill has proposed placing a limit on the exemption to gift or inheritance tax to children aged under 18, or over 25 if they remain in full-time education.

“Yeah, we figured we’d make a lot more money targeting young people here at home than multi-billion euro corporations who operate here virtually tax free instead,” explained a spokesperson today. “It’s funny, we must have spent ages trying to work out who we’d hit next. Then one of the lads said ‘why not tax birthday card money'”.

“He has since been promoted to the department of finance”.

Experts claimed that the new tax on families would see families keep a detailed log book of gifts to children, including: Communion and Confirmation money, pocket money, lunch money, money for the school trips, birthday and Christmas card money and of course a levy on any Santa presents they may have received over their lifetime.

“I think we’ve basically covered everything here, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send them in writing to your friendly Revenue office,” added the spokesman.

In Ireland, all religious sects are exempt from paying any sort of tax to the local government. Last year alone, the Catholic Church made an estimated €200 billion in its worldwide operations.

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