JobBridge Intern Brutally Murders Entire Office In Daydream



JOBBRIDGE intern Kevin Murray has brutally murdered all his colleagues today in his head despite all they have done to help kick start his journalism career.

During an unsanctioned daydream Kevin used up as many as 7 seconds of company time envisioning several colleagues being slain by his own hand in a blind rage.

Taking the mop he spent the morning cleaning the toilets with, Kevin snapped it in half with his hands in his head and then launched it across the WWN offices and through the heart of editor Paddy Browne.

Kevin daydreamed such an incident, despite Paddy Browne’s continued support of the intern in his JobBridge position, with the professional Browne providing Kevin with countless hours of precious experience even extending Kevin’s working week to 7 days.

Standing over Paddy Browne during the editor’s imagined last few breaths Kevin quipped ‘looks like I’ve cleaned up all the rubbish around here’ before placing shades over his eyes and walking away. Such is Kevin’s fragile sense of self worth he didn’t have the confidence to add in a beautiful woman rushing to his side in the daydream.

Kevin’s train of thought was interrupted by showbiz correspondent Terry Bull, who told Kevin to “wake the fuck up, you’ve a job to do – someone’s after clogging the toilets up again and now there’s piss and shit everywhere in there”.