Asshole Friend To Pick Apart Movie Interstellar Tonight Just To Be Different


FRIEND and full-time asshole Kevin Burgess is all set to pick apart the film Interstellar tonight in a bid to be different, it has been revealed by close friends of the man today.

Burgess, a self-confessed sci-fi fanatic, is due to arrive at his local cinema around 8pm, where he is to pick apart every single detail of the motion picture in some sort of weird denial thing he does with highly rated films of this genre.

“The last time I went to see a movie with him, it was Prometheus two years ago,” said long time friend of the asshole Thomas Hurley. “Personally, I thought it was epic, but of course Kevin being Kevin, began a lengthy debate relating to graphic novels and plot lines we never even heard of. Like, who fucking cares man. Get a grip”.

Mr. Burgess had originally invited several friends to the Interstellar showing tonight, but everyone was “too busy” to make it.

“To be honest, I’d rather just enjoy the film in peace,” said another friend James Hackett. “Still, it won’t stop him posting predictable statuses on Facebook. Kevin also loves to make sure that he shares his Rotten Tomato review for everyone to see. I think we all decided a long time ago not to read them out of pure spite. No point encouraging that shite. He’s not a movie critic, he’s just unemployed and very, very opinionated about films that other people like.”

“You could say that he likes to go against the grain just to be different,” he added.