“I Can’t Get Enough Of This Stuff” Eva Longoria Tries Dublin City Heroin


ACTRESS Eva Longoria has once again immersed herself in her Dublin city surroundings, this morning by sampling some of the city’s finest cuts of heroins before flying off home to America later this afternoon.

The Desperate Housewives star was joined by local dealer Jayo Higgins of the North inner city for a “horse breakfast” in her hotel room, along with agent Todd Chamberland and personal assistant Tracey Harp.

“Eva really enjoyed the Tayto chips and Jameson whiskey, but was itching for some horse since Monday after a brief visit to the city centre. There were so many young people in sports gear enjoying themselves on the street that she said she just had to give it a go,” said Mr. Chamberland. “Eva can’t get enough of it now and our only problem now is getting her to her flight home in time”.

“She is a bit of a culture vulture so we are used to her now trying different things while on tour,” he added.

The Texas-native flew into Ireland on Monday for the 2014 Web Summit, which was held in the RDS, taking the time to visit the capital’s finest restaurants and shops whilst also experimenting with locally sourced recreational narcotics.

“Last night it was speckled ecstasy tablets and now today some brown. At this rate she won’t need a plane to fly home,” joked her agent.