Harbouring Rapists Still Better Than Charging For Water, Finds Poll



THE latest opinion polls find Sinn Féin are currently the most popular political party in Ireland, seemingly confirming that much of the Irish public don’t mind a political party void of morals as long as they are, above all else, anti-water charges.

Sinn Féin along with their leader Gerry Adams continue to obscure the plight of IRA rape victims in Northern Ireland by dragging their feet slowly to conceding that many claims made by Mairia Cahill may be true.

The poll found Sinn Féin’s support has risen to 26% putting 1 in 4 Irish people completely okay with the idea being led in government by individuals who have little or no time for the testimony of a rape victim. The same 1 in 4 people similarly appear to put political positions on water above those positions regarding abuse victims and women’s rights.

“The Irish public seem hell bent on getting the Government it deserves come the next election, and the murkiest and most morally questionable party to ever exist on this island is probably quite suitable,” offered political commentator Paidi O’Flynn.

The remaining 75% of the voting public has confirmed they are petrified at the thought of repugnant policies such as trying to discredit rape victims only to backtrack being rewarded with the highest political office.

While many of Sinn Féin’s more moderate supporters have pointed to the fact that Gerry Adams won’t always be around, making things awkward, it has also been pointed out that Fianna Fáil became a perfect party once Charles Haughey and Bertie Ahern left office.

Sinn Féin members, including Mary Lou McDonald have found it unconscionable, the idea that she is expected to pay water charges and so has refused to pay them. This sits in stark contrast to her robust defence of anything that comes from Gerry Adams mouth in relation to allegations made by Mira Cahill.

Sinn Féin’s support could fall by as much as one percent in the coming months as several more horrifying allegations against the republican movement, no doubt, come to light only to be ignored by Sinn Féin supporters posing as human beings, who similarly seem okay with the relocation of IRA rapists from the North in the South.