Dublin Girl Trying To Play It Cool After Meeting Girl She Casually Stalks On Facebook


DUBLIN GIRL Emer Reilly made a conscious effort to appear completely unfamiliar with the life of a girl she casually stalks on Facebook when meeting her for the first time earlier today.

Jane Lawless, known to Emer only through mutual Facebook friend Ciara, has been the source of fascination and some jealousy for Emer for several months.

Emer’s impromptu coffee meet-up with Ciara this morning was thrown into chaos when Ciara mentioned her friend Jane was popping along too.

Once Jane arrived and was introduced by Ciara, Emer concentrated very hard on acting like she didn’t know any details of Jane’s life whatsoever. Emer made a special effort when specifically trying not to acknowledge that she had prior and extensive knowledge of how long, shiny and thick Jane’s hair was.

“Yeah, actually, we like all went as a female version of the Ghostbusters this Halloween, it was gas,” said Jane much to Emer’s fake surprise.

“Oh no way that’s mad, so creative,” Emer added despite the fact she had flicked through an entire album of Jane’s Halloween snaps on a particularly boring night in at home.

Focusing largely on the photo in which Jane’s waist looked particularly teeny tiny, Emer sent a whatsapp message to Ciara at the weekend asking about Jane – ‘is she for real? So jealous’.

Emer then thought it wise to ask Jane what line of work she was in despite knowing full well she had recently been promoted to head of sales in her company.

“Oh wow, that’s amazing, well done,” Emer said expertly mimicking the reaction of someone who was definitely not always checking someone’s profile page.

Chiding herself, Emer thought the compliment she paid Jane on her dress, the same one in her Facebook album entitled ‘Summer Shit’ was perhaps a step too far but remained calm for the rest of the five minute conversation.