‘Chick In That Sexual Harassment Video Isn’t Even That Good Looking’, Says Guy


A VIRAL video of a young woman encountering over 100 instances of sexual harassment during a ten hour walk around New York City has been deemed unrealistic by a Dublin man, who claims the girl “isn’t even that good looking”.

Stillorgan native Sean Maher has dismissed the video, which has racked up over ten million views in 24 hours, as “probably fake”, claiming the conservative nature of the woman’s attire coupled with her sullen demeanour would never warrant as much attention as she receives in the 2 minute clip.

Maher took to social media this morning to voice his opinion on the matter, as well as offer suggestions as to how the men of New York can up their chat-up game, which he described as “fairly lacking”.

“I can’t understand why some lads shout at women who aren’t even that fit, ” said Maher, a 27-year-old construction worker who can’t figure out why there are so many stuck up bitches in this world. “If you’re going to take the time to chat up a girl from a distance, make sure it’s someone who’s wearing clothes that give the signal that she’s up for it”.

“I mean, she’s out walking around town, so if she hasn’t done herself up with a full face of make-up and a sexy hairstyle, then she probably isn’t interested. Granted, sometimes it can be better to shout at every woman that walks past, just to increase your chances. Sometimes even the ones who haven’t made an effort can be well up for it”.

“Also, these New York lads want to come with something better than ‘hey there beautiful’… You gotta let the woman know what it is you like best about her, and what she can expect from you in terms of sexual activity at any given moment in time”.

Although the constantly-single Maher has admitted that his chat-up techniques have yet to have any sort of positive effect on the women he yells at during the day, he remains optimistic about his chances of finding love on Tinder, even though he claims the popular dating app is full of fucking lesbians.