84% Of Halloween Party Guests Dressed As Walter White


A DUBLIN house party was thrown into chaos as 84% of people turned up dressed as an obscure and little known character from one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the 21st century.

Walter White, who according to Wikipedia, was a recurring character on American TV show Breaking Bad proved popular with 90% of males in attendance at Eoin Brady’s Halloween party.

“Ah for fuck’s sake,” said Liam Griffin, just one of many guests dressed as Walter White. Liam continued to express his disappointment throughout the night as he spent hours on his costume. He went on to leave the party early as he remained frustrated by the fact his extensive googling of ‘Walter White costume’ and payment of €60 to walterwhitecostumes.com was all for nothing.

Irish males have long prided themselves on turning up to parties wearing hilariously unique costumes in an effort to appear full of the ‘craic’, a key quality needed to attract the opposite sex.

“I’d be fucking mortified if I was them lot,” confirmed fellow guest Anthony Lambert, who luckily chose to wear a truly unique costume in the form of fellow Breaking Bad character Jesse Pinkman.

Party host Eoin stumped guests by dressing as a ghost, prompting many of them to correctly observe that their host was ‘just a dray shite’.

“With every new eejit that walked in as Walter White my chances of scoring diminished,” explained Walter White wearer Warren Wilson.

Warren did however, manage to be part of the select group of 40% of people at the party that ended each and every phrase and sentence with the word ‘bitch’.

Guests also expressed their disappointment that some women in attendance failed to dress as a ‘sexy’ version of whatever they were dressed as.