“Typical Ireland,” Says Man Regardless Of What He Is Complaining About



WWN can exclusively reveal Kildare man Keith O’Sullivan is set to use the phrase “typical Ireland” during each and every one of his rants about the current state of the country regardless of the circumstances.

Keith, a barman in The Severed Arms, believes that whatever the problem, scandal or latest news it will, in all probability, be typical of Ireland.

“I read there the other day that we dropped down one place in the world ranking for funding research for emerging nanotechnology. Typical Ireland,” Keith shared with one of the pub’s regular customers.

The barman’s lack of knowledge in key areas such as politics, economics, sports, the arts and life in general have proved to be little impediment to his defining everything as being wholly indicative of Ireland.

“Did you watch the six one news there yesterday evening? ISIS are still at it in the Middle East, I hate to be the one to say it, but – typical Ireland if you ask me,” said Keith despite no one asking him.

Using his lack of background in history, culture, sociology and anthropology Keith can confirm the land mass of Ireland is easily reduced to one phrase as a catch all description of the events which take place in, on and around it.

“And don’t get me started on our long term strategy for the integration of the lesser spotted badger into our delicate ecosystem, if ever there was a time to say ‘typical Ireland’ this is it. Also, those corrupt fucking politicians with their suits and their other stuff,” Keith added without going into any specific details as he had none at his general disposal.