Leitrim To Become World’s Least Visited Nudist Hotspot



FOLLOWING on from a meeting of the ‘International Nudist Congress’ in Leitrim this week, it is thought the county, which definitely exists and isn’t made up at all, will push forward plans to become the least visited nudist tourist hotspot in the world.

“You have to encourage and foster any sort of tourism really, even if in this case it involves old couples slapping their bits about in the nude in full view of everyone,” explained head of Leitrim’s chamber of commerce Niall Nolan.

It is expected that rich and elderly nudist enthusiasts will not be drawn to Leitrim in any way, meaning of all the possible nudist tourist destinations in the world, Leitrim will be the least visited.

“Ah, you hope someone, maybe makes a mistake booking something with a travel agent and they end up here,” added Nolan, “we’re projecting as many as four nudey tourists for the next decade, now I’m been told by experts that is simply madness. But, sure you’ve got to dream, haven’t you?”

Leitrim is expected to take no nudist tourism business away from places such as Spain, France, Germany and many Mediterranean locations.

“Look, we do have some appeal in that market,” explained Nolan, “we’re catering to the masochist variety of nudist. The type that doesn’t mind the rain beating against their bollocks, or a stray nettle getting lodged where the sun doesn’t shine. Actually, I think I’m legally required to disclose that the sun doesn’t shine in Leitrim”.

A state of the art ‘nudist shed’ is set to be constructed in time for the 2026 season when nudist numbers are expected to peak at 7.