Dublin Lad Treated For Tinder Addiction



DUBLIN lad Daniel Griffin finally admitted to his family that he has a problem and needs help, WWN has learned.

Daniel (21), like many tech savvy Irish men and women, had installed the matchmaking app Tinder which has long since removed the social stigma surrounding judging people solely on their looks.

“I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t stop my hand from swiping even though I didn’t have my phone on me,” Daniel explained from his room in the state of the art Tinder Addiction Centre in south Dublin.

“It got to the point where when I closed my eyes I could still see the little ‘x’ and the heart, I was tripping Tinder balls if I can be honest,” added Daniel.

Daniel is not alone in his addiction as 1 in every 3 Irish Tinder users are believed to be addicted to the app with the majority completely unaware of the crippling effects.

“I had literally run out of new women in the Dublin area,” explained Daniel, who had as many as 34,000 matches, but remained obsessed with carrying on his search for new users, “I changed the location on my Tinder to widen the net and that’s when shit got really dark”.

Daniel began chatting with Bai Ling, a Shanghai native and not long afterwards had stolen money from his parents to fund a first date.

“She. Was. Quality. So I took her to a Nandos in Shanghai after stealing about €5,000 from my folks. It had got bad, but I just couldn’t see the problem, mainly because I got the ride from Ling,” an ashamed Daniel shared.

On one of Daniel’s darkest days he matched with over 7,000 women in one frenzied hour.

“The doctors here at the addiction centre tell me it’s something called a Tinder ‘blitz'” Daniel explained, “I just said yes to every girl in a frenzy. I actually dislocated my thumb and index finger constantly pressing that fucking heart”.

With his month long stay in the Tinder Addiction Centre just beginning Daniel has a long way to go until he is ‘Tinder free’ but he remains hopeful.

“They say the first step is admitting you have a problem and I did that, it shouldn’t matter that I happened to do that after accidentally matching with my sister”.