Perseid Meteor Shower Kills 43 Stargazers Across Ireland Overnight


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THIS year’s death toll from the annual Perseid meteor shower is down 35% from last year, with only 43 spectators killed across the country, emergency services have confirmed today.

Thousands of Irish stargazers took to the hills last night to risk their lives for a glimpse of the astronomical event, which kills almost a half a million people worldwide every year.

“We lost the Fitzgearld’s down the street,” said Donegal resident Jerry Clancy, “They must have got caught up in the shower. They were always out looking at the stars. It killed them in the end. And for what?”

“God knows what foreign crowd is going to move into their house now. The community is devastated.” he added.

Hospitals across the country have said the number of A&E patients admitted for meteor related wounds is also down compared to last year.

“I think people these days are more aware of the consequences of falling rocks from space.” said Dr. Charles Holden of St. Vincent’s Hospital Dublin. “We’ve had a few casualties this year, but that is to be expected. All we can do is warn people to bring umbrellas or not to go outside during meteor showers at all. It’s just basic common sense really.”

Meanwhile, the super moon also made a transit across the sky last night as it continues on its orbit around the sun.

Much like our own moon, the super moon is spherical in shape and can reach speeds of up to 600 miles per hour on a windy night.

Scientists confirmed that last nights fly over came just 300 miles from the Earths atmosphere, giving yet another dangerous, but fantastic display for photographers around the world.

“It came so close this year that there were people actually ducking in Japan.” said astronomer Ken Farthing of astronomy Ireland. “One of these day’s it will take someones head clean off and that will be the end of it. People have no idea how dangerous space balls can be.”