Irish Water Defend Prices Claiming ‘Cost Of Stupidity’ Is Higher In Ireland



CONTROVERSIAL semi-state company Irish Water have today defended their inflated prices claiming the cost of stupidity is higher in Ireland than anywhere else in the world.

In a rare interview with WWN, chairman Rose Hynes, who’s actually a woman, blasted a Sunday Business Post report yesterday stating that a London-based consulting firm found that the projected running costs at the company are double that of similar companies in the UK.

“People living in Ireland are at least twice as thick as those living in London,” she said. “If you look at dentistry, pharmaceuticals and other necessities, you will see Ireland charges far more than anywhere else in Europe. That’s because people here have a track record in naivety. The price of stupidity here is at least three times higher than anywhere else. Are you following?

“Why are we even having this conversation? Do you even understand a word I’m saying to you right now? Hello, anyone home?”

It was previously revealed that an overall budget of up to €180 million was set aside to establish Irish Water, with €86 million of that to be spent on outside contractors.

However, €1.9 billion has already being spent in its first two years alone.

“We’ve ran a bit over, so what? Just look at the state of the water system in this country. We’ll probably need another two or three billion to sort it out by the time we’re done.

“What’s a few bills in this day and age anyway?” she added.

Irish Water will attempt to start charging citizens for water in October this year.