Viral Video Fears As Shortage In Irish People Returning Home To Surprise Their Mammy Continues



A NATIONWIDE appeal has been made by a number of prominent entertainment websites in a bid to increase the ever dwindling presence of inspiring and tear-jerking Irish viral videos which see Irish emigrants return home to surprise their mammies.

The Daily Edge,,,,, and plus 1,000 other Irish websites have made an impassioned public appeal to returning emigrants.

In a joint appeal the websites have urged those returning home to film their trip home, making sure not to inform their mothers of their impending arrival and if at all possible jump out in front of their mothers while screaming loudly.

Those emigrants whose mothers have passed away are urged to go to the graveyard and shout ‘surprise’ at her headstone in order to maximise the emotional impact of the viral video.

The numbers surrounding ‘coming home to surprise Mam videos’ are interesting, but also incredibly disconcerting.

“In 2011 we have an average of 34 of these videos emerging everyday, compare that to 2014 where we have four or five a week, it’s troubling to say the least,” explained viral video expert Joseph Kelly.

“It’s selfish if you ask me. What are office workers going to do of an afternoon when they have nothing to on out of pure boredom? Emigrants have a duty to the Irish public to routinely provide with uplifting videos and pictures, but they have really let the country down in the recent months”.

The downturn in viral videos of this ilk have had an adverse effect on many mothers living in Ireland, a hidden cost not many people are aware of.

“My sister Gráinne’s been in Oz for two years and with Mam after seeing a few videos of surprise homecomings she refuses to leave the house for fear she’d miss Gráinne surprising her,” shared anti-viral video campaigner Aoife Duffy.

“Gráinne’s been working away trying to carve out a career over there, but she does feel the viral video pressure,” explained Aoife, “one of her friends surprised his mother by parachuting from 32,000 feet over Dublin and landing in the seat next to her at the dinner table. He’s accused Gráinne of not loving her mother which is only partially true”.

WWN understands the Government may yet make room for a ‘viral video fund’ in the next budget to incentivise the production of such videos.