Local Man Absolutley Delighted To Be Made Part Of Facebook Group He Never Actually Asked To Join


COUNTY Kilkenny man Jason Freeman was said to be ‘absolutely delighted’ today after receiving over 45 Facebook notifications for a group he never actually asked to join in the first place.

The son of two made the discovery shortly after breakfast time while sitting on the toilet.

“I was worried at first because I was out last night and thought I was tagged in some drunken picture or something,” said the 31-year-old. “Then I seen these yokes telling me that such and such posted on the group ‘Things for sale in Kilkenny’.

“Sure, I never even knew I was part of the thing.” he added.

It is understood that one of Mr. Freeman’s friends, James Roache, ‘added’ him to the group without asking, thinking he would appreciate the items for sale in his locality.

“Any time I’ve bumped into Jason lately he’s in Tesco’s. So I figured that if he likes buying stuff so much then he’d like the Facebook group.” explained Roache. “Why, was he giving out about it or something?”

This is the seventeenth such incident where Mr. Freeman has been added to a Facebook group without his knowledge, stating that he doesn’t really mind the whole thing, as most of the groups only last for about a week or two before people start getting bored of them.

“No, really – i fucking love being added to them all the fucking time.” he told WWN. “You can’t even fathom how fucking overjoyed I am right now. I’m absolutely fucking delighted that my friend added me without fucking asking. In fact, I think I will also add every other fucker on my Facebook feed to it, ta fuck!”

“It’ll be some craic altogether. I’m sure everyone I know will really fucking appreciate it.” he added, without the slightest hint of sarcasm.