Doorway Stand-off As Pizza Delivery Guy Does Old ‘Searching For Change Routine’ Again



AN AWKWARD doorway standoff is entering its third minute as pizza delivery guy Denis Ubakara does his old ‘searching for change routine’ again for the 14th time this evening.

The 38-year-old, who started his shift at 5pm, hasn’t been quite able to locate Niall Dempsey’s change, after being handed a twenty euro note by the customer.

“I know I have it here somewhere,” Mr. Ubakara told the now anxious father of two, who has already been waiting three minutes and sixteen seconds, “everyone keeps giving me fifty’s tonight”.

In a bid to defuse the awkwardness of the situation, Mr. Dempsey brought up the subject of the weather, stating how warm it has been over the last few weeks.

“I’d say you haven’t any complaints about cold pizza in this weather,” he joked lightly, with no reaction from Mr. Ubakara. “Did you try your other pocket there maybe – the one making all the loose change sound?”

“Ah yes.” he replied reluctantly, handing over his pizza bag for Mr. Dempsey to hold . “I keep forgetting which pocket my change is in. Every time! Ha ha ha”.

Following some further delays, which included the dropping of several copper coins on the ground, all two euros and fifty cents was eventually returned to the customer under the glare of Ubakara’s broken smile.

“Thank you so much,” he said, taking back his now empty pizza hold-all. “You have been very patient with me”.

“No problem mate. You should invest in a money bag for yourself. They’re dead handy like,” suggested Dempsey, before closing the door with a large bang.