Ireland To Set Up World’s First Ever ‘Frape’ Clinic



The decision comes after intense public outcry.

In light of a recent case before the courts the Government has inacted emergency legislation which will see funding put aside for the World’s first ‘Frape’ clinic.

‘Frape’, the wholly inappropriate word used to describe the act of posting something on someone’s Facebook account under their name, has been the source of much debate in Ireland for a number of years.

A number of TDs have recently stated in the chambers of the Dáil that younger constituents are very concerned about the ‘Fraping’ crisis.

“I’ve had 3 letters about the water charges, but about 4,000 Facebook posts about Fraping, we need to serve the people as best we can,” explained an unnamed Independent TD.

The facility will open in Dublin and deal with the very real problem of people being subjected to damaging social media posts purportedly from their own accounts. Crisis management, revenge tactics and quick comeback services will all be offered at the facility.

“We have asked young people time and time again what their biggest concern is and they have let us know it is not jobs, the economy, sexual violence or alarmingly high suicide rates. It is this Frappuccino-ing lark and our recent legislation, which has seen a number of cases before the courts, safeguards against this,” the Taoiseach explained to the Dáil.

“Can we afford the €300 million needed for the facility? No. Can we afford not to build it? Most definitely not,” concluded the Taoiseach.

While some people still struggle with the equivocation of such acts with other crimes, media expert Richard Head explained the reasoning behind such cultural shifts to WWN.

“Such convictions and judgements will be more common in the courts for the simple reason that the law must reflect society. Things that happen on the internet are often far more serious and important than anything else. We need to prioritise safeguarding your Facebook posts, it is a basic human right”.