Trendy Dublin Bar Hiring Via Snapchat Inundated With Dick Pics



A superb PR initiative has seen new uber trendy bespoke bar Sober Lane search for new staff via social media app Snapchat.

The response from applicants has been overwhelming and Sober Lane have enjoyed some coverage in the media too for their efforts. A member of the management spoke exclusively to WWN about the kind of people applying for jobs.

“Well, we haven’t actually received a snapchat from a person yet, so far it has just been from penises, but the quality of those penises who have applied have been excellent,” Barry Healy explained.

Management say they do not regret using Snapchat, a social media app synonymous with the unsolicited sending of lewd and sexually graphic images as well as pictures of general ‘craic-having’.

The bar prompted prospective candidates to ‘make an impression if you want a profession’ and one successful candidate apparently secured employment by photographing the impression his penis made in various foodstuffs. Such ingenious recruitment processes are sure to see hiring in all companies go down a similar route.

Sober Lane were looking for as many as 12 people to take up positions at the bar but have calculated that 20 penises could do the same amount of work.

“Well, obviously carrying trays is out of the question,” Barry explained, “but there are ways around this, probably involving pulling things via rope.”

Barry added that there was obviously an issue with the penises aimlessly following around females, but said staff training would cover that potential problem.

Sober Lane also stressed that if candidates were to send a snapchat of their CV which detailed several year’s worth of experience in the bar trade it would be deleted immediately.