Denis O’Brien To Sell Off Counties Leitrim, Roscommon And Louth In Landmark Deal


IRISH billionaire Denis O’Brien has reportedly sold off three republic of Ireland counties which he owned in a landmark deal with investors from the UK.

The sale is the first of it’s kind in the country and will make the business man an estimated €2.3bn richer through his tax-free Isle of Man company Kendrick Investments Ltd, which was only incorporated last year.

Mr. O’Brien currently owns six counties in Ireland, excluding the three sold today.

It is believed the investors involved in today’s sale are based in London and there is no clear plan as to what they will do with the land, or the residents who live on it.

Some business analysts speculate the counties could be used to house livestock or even nuclear waste, as one of the investors named is a a large shareholder in a multinational power plant waste disposal company.

Residents in the three counties have voiced their concern of the purchase, with many now unsure about their rights or even their current nationality.

“We have been told nothing about the sale.” stated Leitrim man Finbar Rice. “Are we still part of Ireland or not? Ever since O’Brien bought the county in two thousand and six we have been left in limbo here. The government refuses to reply to any of our letters, phone calls or emails. All we want is security.”

Sources claim that O’Briens remaining county portfolio may also be sold on to UK and Chinese investors next year. These counties include: North Tipperary, Wexford, West Meath, Meath, Longford and county Sligo.