Woman Disappointed With How iPhone Video Of Concert Turned Out


OFFALY woman Bronagh Nevin issued a statement this morning outlining her disappointment around how a video she shot on her iPhone at a Beyonce concert last night is “practically unwatchable” due to bad focussing and extremely poor audio.

The 34-year-old mother of two, who had attended the gig at the O2 in Dublin, spent the entire duration of the concert recording the international superstar performance on her iPhone 3g.

However, when Ms. Nevin uploaded the video to YouTube last night she was horrified at the “awful fuckin mess altogether”.

“I was very much looking forward to enjoying the video.” said Bronagh in a tear soaked interview with WWN.

“The minute Beyonce hit the stage I started recording it on my phone. I was sure I’d made a great video. But when I played it back on the computer last night I was horrified. Even though I never took my eyes off the phone screen the whole time. The video is as blurry as fuck. I can’t understand it. I had it at full zoom the whole time”.

Following her experience, Ms.Nevin urged people to take better precautions with their -Phone videos during concerts: “Concerts are expensive and your favourite band or artist may only come to your area once in a lifetime, so it’s important when you attend a concert to make a good video that you can rewatch again and again to show people.

“Make sure to hold the phone absolutely rock steady, and if getting the best angle means standing up and blocking everyone behind you, then so be it”. She added.