That Foreign Neighbour Not Expected To Finish Fiddling With His Car Anytime Soon



THAT foreign fella down the street is not expected to finish messing around with his imported BMW anytime soon, it has emerged today.

Paval Nazwisko, who works part-time in some shop somewhere, has spent most of his free time adjusting various bits and pieces on the car for the past two years, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the maintenance in sight.

“He’s forever at the fecking thing.” said local resident Dermot Walsh. “Either he’s underneath it, polishing it or just poking at the engine. What’s he trying to prove anyway?”

Mr. Nazwisko refused to comment when approached about his constant fiddling. He then told this reporter to “go away” after several tough questions about his intentions.

“No, I’m not making car bomb!” he replied. “You mind own business. My car. My business. Now go.”

Following several heated exchanges over his nationality, Mr. Nazwisko proceeded to follow me down the street with a large metal wrench in his hand. Fortunately, the Polish man gave up his pursuit after being hit by an oncoming motorcyclist whilst chasing me across the road.

Experts estimate that loads of foreign neighbours just love poking at their cars without good reason.

“They probably want to just escape from their wives and children.” explained a professor in social psychology Dr. Terence Freeman. “Having a car is a big deal in Eastern European countries and knowing how automobiles work and being able to fix them is all part of the macho male package over there.”

Meanwhile, a middle eastern neighbour down the street was spotted under the hood of his people carrier.

More as we get it…