Emigration Will Be Offered As Leaving Cert Subject In 2015


EMIGRATION is to be offered as a Leaving Certificate exam subject, according to Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn today.

Mr. Quinn said at an event to launch the new school curriculum that it’s his intention to have exams in the subject available for school leavers by 2015.

“I suppose it gives the ‘leaving cert’ a double meaning in a way.” he joked to the blank faced teens.

The official launch in the Osprey Hotel in Naas was attended by students representing some of the hardest hit unemployed areas in the country, including Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal and Waterford.

Under the new system proposed, up to three courses can be taken in place of traditional subjects leading to the new qualification in emigration.

Australian language and geography will replace Irish, with a course in the French-Canadian language being optional for the more new age of emigrant.

While unable to confirm if students who pass the course will be presented with an automatic Visa card, Mr Quinn said he hoped the new course would “encourage them to get out of the country after the leaving cert instead of sucking onto the social welfare system, like their parents”.

Over 3,000 transition year students across the country are currently on a trial version of the emigration course.

“It’s great! There’s like loads of more better stuff to do in Canada and Australia!” said 16-year-old Mary Whealan, who currently attends Stella Marie secondary school in Tramore.

“The fruit picking looks gas altogether.” she added.