Man Wearing Assless Chaps To Work On Casual Friday Having Second Thoughts


Gareth Hanley, a 44-year-old call centre manager based in Waterford, is reportedly having second thoughts about his decision to wear assless chaps to work on casual Friday.

Mr. Hanley, an arse-nudity-only enthusiast, gave cause for strange looks in the office as he strode into the workplace resplendent in black leather chaps.

While the call centre had previously enjoyed a healthy working environment, whispered mutterings and uncomfortable glances were traded throughout the morning by employees.

“Yeah, I’m beginning to think this was a mistake,” Mr. Hanley told WWN as he bent over to pick up a pen he dropped, “I didn’t think anyone would bat an eyelid but they are, aren’t they? But, like, it is casual Friday,” Mr. Hanley added as he retreated to his office.

Throughout the morning an uncomfortable tension hung in the air before colleagues agreed to address the issue directly with their manager.

“Hi, Gar,” Lucy, the company’s receptionist ventured, entering Mr. Hanley’s office.

“Look, the guys have been talking and we feel we need to say something,” Lucy said before taking a deep breath, “Gar, black just doesn’t suit you. You might not like to hear it, but the brown assless chaps you wore the other week were much nice.”

“Was that the one with the gimp mask? Oh Jesus, I had feeling you lot thought I looked like a right fool walking in this morning. I’ll go home and changed,” a relieved Mr. Hanley conceded.