Guy Walking Up Hill With Friend Trying His Best Not To Appear Out Of Breath



COUNTY WATERFORD native Hugh Devlin vowed to join the gym again this week after realising his fitness levels are not what they should be when it comes to walking up steep inclines.

The 43-year-old made the discovery whilst walking with neighbour and friend Martin Dunphy, who bumped into him at their local shop.

“I said I’d walk down the road for the paper and a carton of milk for the tea,” recalled the Tramore man. “Then I spotted Marty outside suppin’ a bottle of water. He was out running and said he’d walk up the road with me for the chat.”

Sources claim the two men left the shop at around 3pm, before making their way back up the hill towards home.

“I was grand at first and didn’t think too much about the hill.” said Devlin, who used to cycle 12 miles to school barefoot in his heyday. “Marty was yapping away like there was nothing wrong with him, so I felt obliged to do the same. It was like a secret game we were playing to see who would run out of breath first.”

However, it wasn’t long before the 30 degree incline started to take its toll on the ageing man.

“I continued talking and was trying my best to hide my gasping for air.” he added. “My heart was beating out of my chest so I had to act quickly.”

The father of children cunningly pretended there was a stone in his shoe in a bid to break the “internal race”.

“Marty didn’t cop I was spoofing so it gave me a bit of time to recuperate. Of course he was still yapping away – showing off if you will.”

Following a very brief goodbye before splitting for home, both men shook each others hand in appreciation of the moment, leaving one knowing more of the others ability to walk and talk up hills.

“I’ll be ready for him next time.” confirmed Devlin, who was already looking up local gym prices in town.