Waterford Man Pure Chuffed With Himself After Friend Beeps At Him In Passing Car


COUNTY Waterford man Karl Jennings was said to be “pure chuffed” with himself yesterday afternoon after a friend beeped at him in a passing in a car while he was walking home from college.

The full-time student finished his studies at around 3pm GMT before opting to walk instead of getting the bus.

“It was a lovely evening for it and there were just too many people waiting at the bus stop.” said the cousin of 10. “I hate packed buses, I never know where to look. There’s always some cunt staring at ya.”

Jennings admitted he was dubious of the walk at first, as he was left feeling tired when he did it before back in March.

“It’s a fair auld slog home in fairness,” he said. “But it was worth it in the end.”

Unbeknownst to the 24-year-old, college friend Dermot Ryan was also on route home from the campus, as both individuals finished at the same time.

“There I was minding my own business when I heard a slight ‘BEEP BEEP’.” he recalled vividly. “You can always tell when it’s a friendly beep by the rapid tap succession of the motorist.”

“I looked around and recognised Dermots red Honda Civic with the TRD sticker on the window. He was pointing at me while making an ‘Oh look who it is face’. His window was rolled down and he uttered something hilarious. Not sure what it was, but hilarious. We both laughed. Classic Dermot!  I just pointed back mirroring what he was doing. And like that, he was gone again.

“I found myself smiling and thinking what fucking legends we both were for communicating like that.” he added. “Anyone that seen it must have thought we were nuts!”

Eye-witnesses at the scene confirmed the students response, with one man saying: “The young fella seemed to have an extra skip in his step after the event.”

Since yesterday’s roadside greeting, Mr. Jennings said he will now walk more frequently to and from the college.

“It’s just nice to be acknowledged. I’m sure other pedestrians will get kind of jealous of me after a while if I keep getting beeped at, but that’s to be expected.” he concluded.