Irish Astronomer Discovers Previously Unknown ‘Rave Nebula’

LOCATED 20 billion million trillion light years away, towards the constellation of Technics, the Rave Nebula was discovered and named by Irish astronomer Dave Grennan yesterday evening, from his back garden in Raheny, Dublin.

“This dazzling stellar nursery appears to be currently exposed to massive amounts of pulsating radiation belts measuring a whopping 180Ghz per nanosecond.” states Grennan. “I named this massive star factory for its rave like silhouettes and its rare combination of colours and lights.”
The Rave Nebula has already become one of the biggest finds this year, due to its stunning ‘hands in the air pillars’ and niteclubesque scenery.

According to the amateur astronomer the Rave Nebula was formed in the early 1990’s in a galaxy over 170 quadrillion miles away called TECH 12’10″s.

“The minute I seen the raver like fingers in the air, giving it a ‘fuck yeah’, I knew exactly what I was going to call it.” added Grennan.

In the upper right part of this nebula, a blast of green light pokes diagonally out from a cloud, pointing directly to a very bright rectangular cluster of stars. The resemblance of that to a laser beam protruding from a DJ box is uncanny.