Katy Perry’s Line Of ‘Vagina Perfume’ Sells Out In 1 Hour



Pop sensation Katy Perry has become queen of the perfume market following the introduction of a lovely fragrant scent designed specifically for the female genitalia.

Queues formed in London, New York and Tokyo as the Roar singer revealed her new fragrance ‘Pussy’ to her fans.

The fragrance has proved very popular with the vital ‘creepy men’ demographic who traditionally have a lot of disposable income.

In a press release the fragrance is described as having ‘a strong smell of maximising revenue’, ‘notes of brand management’ and ‘subtle tones of cashing in’.

“In marketing circles we try to keep it quiet but yes the most profitable market for pop stars is often with fans that are in the ‘borderline stalker’ category,” shared an insider.

Perry, who has previously released several perfumes, was on hand at the New York launch to demonstrate how effective the fragrance can be.

Celebrity perfume experts, however, were left unmoved as the 100,000 units of Pussy took as long as 60 minutes to sell out.

“We’re selling a lifestyle here,” shared Perry’s business adviser Shaun Loggins, “women around the world will now feel empowered because some guys in a lab threw some smells in a bottle. We’re saying ‘your vagina can smell just like Katy Perry’s’ and I think that is a powerful message.”