Man Hooked On Nicotine In Tobacco To Wean Off It By Inhaling Pure Nicotine Vapour Instead


A COUNTY Roscommon man addicted to the nicotine in tobacco has vowed today to give up the drug by inhaling pure nicotine vapour from an e-cigarette instead.

Cormac Dempsey, who has been smoking tobacco for over 16 years, bought an electronic cigarette from a local vendor earlier this morning in a bid to “kick the habit”.

“Your man said it’s all the rage now and with a bit of will power I will never smoke a normal fag again,” explained Dempsey. “He said the pure nicotine vapour will keep my cravings at bay while I wean off them.”

The grandson of four said he was dubious at first as electronic cigarettes have not yet been regulated by any government and are in their early stages of testing on human beings.

“Sure, at least I’m not smoking harmful chemicals.” said the nicotine addict, sucking desperately on his electronic vaporizer. “I’m glad I kicked the habit now. I feel free. No more cancer worries for me!”

Manufacturers of the products denied claims that switching to a vaporized version of nicotine is like trying to give up smoking heroin by injecting it instead.

“Absolutely not the case. You can’t inject nicotine, you’ll die! Besides, heroin is only half as addictive as nicotine. It doesn’t even land in the same category. Nicotines great.” stated an e-cigarette distributor . “Our products have been tested on human subjects for at least 4 years. Any cancers they might get after switching over are most definitely related to their previous tobacco use and not the direct inhaling of nicotine.”

Electronic cigarettes contain various strengths of pure nicotine liquid which is heated into a vapour to be inhaled by the user. According to every scientific study on the drug, nicotine is one of the worlds most addictive and poisonous substances on the planet.