‘Giz A Go Of Your Fanny’ Still Ireland’s Most Popular Chat Up Line, Study Reveals



Following extensive research carried out by the Institute of Studies, WWN can confirm that the most frequently used chat up line in Ireland is, for the 18th year in a row, ‘Giz a go of your fanny’.

While Ireland outwardly portrays itself as a nation populated by urbane tech-savvy citizens, the harsh reality is our favourite flirting method is still a relic from a bygone era.

Researchers at the Institute of Studies confirmed to WWN that as many as 73% of the male population use to phrase ‘Giz a go of your fanny’ or similar variants such as ‘Giz a go of your gooter’ and ‘Giz a go of your box.’

“The chat up line is somewhat of a family heirloom, passed down the generations, father to son and so on,” shared head researcher Martin Goggins.

While women in Ireland have long campaigned for the men of Ireland to be locked away until they develop upright posture and remove their knuckles from the ground, this latest study has shocked many to their core.

“I was shocked, mainly in my core area for some reason,” shared Suzanne Young, a 22-year-old student from WIT. “I thought we had come a long way, what with the recent Irish Times poll saying Irish guys’ preferred drink was now a double mocha latte but obviously not,” offered the student.

Irish men remain defiant, claiming the chat up line rarely fails. “On bad night now you might have to ask some young one their name but usually not,” shared Gary Heffernan.

“The odd time I try something new. I’ll slide over my business card to a fine thing, but it’ll just have a drawing of me having a go of a fanny with a two options to tick – ‘yes’ or ‘yes’. I have a 100% fail rate with that one, but I have a feeling it’ll come good eventually,” he concluded.

Nightclubs up and down the country have agreed to a number of measures to help make the experience of interacting with Irish males in clubs more palatable. The measures include providing a list of acceptable chat up lines to each male as they enter the club, possible ‘time out’ cages for men who utter to bizarrely popular phrase and warnings displayed on neon signs urging men not to claim they will ‘they have fallen in love or will ‘definitely call you back’.

Some people, however, dispute to validity of the study. “The study deals only with the verbal, discounting the other methods men use such as anonymously sending pictures of their mickeys and a number of dating apps such as Meet Market,” shared dating expert Niall Stokes.

“I know it sounds odd but surely the Government can step in and do something, emergency legislation” said Jane Tynan, a frustrated and reluctant expert on the Irish male.