Dog Has No Clue Where That Ball Went



“I saw him throw it like he always does, but I didn’t see it land” Ben the Chocolate Labrador barked at WWN today.

The 3 year old in dog years, who lives with his owner Stephen O’Grady in Wexford, reportedly loved that yellow tennis ball dearly sleeping with it every night in his kennel.

According to reports, Ben looked up pleadingly at Mr. O’Grady shortly after the incident for help, but Mr. O Grady indicated with his hands behind his back that he was in the dark as to the ball’s whereabouts.

“We were having loads of fun playing fetch out the beach,” Ben panted “I love the beach. The smells are brilliant. And the waves! I usually don’t enjoy getting wet, but the waves are great craic and-“

WWN attempted to further interview the canine, but he saw another dog and was too fast for our reporter to catch up with.

“I have no idea where the yellow tennis ball is” Mr. O’ Grady said in a suspiciously coy tone. WWN attempted to investigate behind Mr. O’ Grady’s back but he quickly turned the other way. It was at this point that Mr O’ Grady ended the interview.