25-Year-Old Man Gives Up On Pretending To Be Smart


WWN has learned of a Kildare man who has given up all pretence of trying to appear intelligent.

“It’s just a huge drain on my time and resources,” Naas native James Foley told WWN of his efforts to give off an air of intelligence throughout his adult life, “so you know I’ve just decided fuck it, I’ll stop lying. I’m actually a bit thick when all is said and done”.

Foley’s predicament is much the same faced by countless people up and down the country day in, day out. “Jesus when I look back now, you know after finally deciding to give up I realise I’ve spent far too much money on pretending to be smart,” Foley says his time as an amateur smart person.

“I bought books after people recommended them, they just sat there on the shelf mocking me, and movies with subtitles – come on, who was I kidding?” Foley said addressing no one in particular.

It is believed other individuals in similar situations go to even greater lengths to appear intelligent, spending large amounts of money on education and often completing degrees.

“Oh yeah, I’ve a degree, even got half way through a masters,” admitted Foley, “I can look back now and laugh, but my stupidity must have been so obvious to smart people.”

Some good has come out of Foley’s decision to cease in his bid to seem smart as he now has more time to pursue the things that make him happy.

“Previously I would have watched the news and things called documentaries, but now I can dedicate my time to the thing I love which in my case is videos of people getting hit by objects. Doesn’t matter where on their body they’re hit. It could be the leg, the head or the testicles it’s all hilarious to me,” concluded Foley before retiring to Youtube to pursue his passion.